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M&K S150
List price (MSRP): $1,750.00 (pair)

"The 150 front-channel speakers are superb. They sound ...extremely natural and uncolored. I heard details in films that had previously passed unnoticed."

Wes Phillips, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, Spring 1997

Read the review at Stereophile Magazine !

S-150 THX ULTRA Satellite Speaker

 this speaker is THX ULTRA certified By delivering a very musical sound quality in a cabinet that is half the height of most THX front channel speakers (only 12.5" high), the S-150THX solves both the acoustical and aesthetic objections often heard about lesser Home THX speakers. Based on the acclaimed S-100B, ("highly recommended for both movies and music," according to Home Theater Technology), the S-150THX has deeper bass extension and a more robust midbass, tremendous dynamic range and output, and M&K's new Phase-Focused crossover for incredibly sharp and coherent imaging.


The S-150THX is designed for professional mixdown of 5.1 channel program material, and is currently in use in hundreds of pro audio production facilities. As a true reference speaker for digital multichannel sound reproduction, the S-150THX is ideal for today's most advanced home theater surround sound on a Home THX system!


For the best possible sound in a variety of installation conditions, the S-150THX is produced in four versions (three SKUs). First is the standard pair (order as the S-150 pair). Each carton contains one left and one right speaker. Both are magnetically shielded and mirror-imaged with front baffles that have complementary angles in the horizontal plane to provide an automatic left/right toe-in, which improves the speaker's imaging and response.

Next is the Standard Center channel (order as the S-150C). This speaker has a squared front baffle, with no horizontal or vertical angle. This speaker has additional magnetic shielding through M&K's high-performance Ferromagnetic Shielding System.

Third is the Angled Center channel (order as the S-150AC). This speaker's front baffle is angled 7.5 degrees in the vertical plane to aim its high frequencies either up or down, depending on the cabinet's orientation. It is ideal for placement on top of rear-projection television sets, as it aims the high-frequencies at seated listeners without requiring the use of a wedge under the speaker. This speaker also uses M&K's Ferromagnetic Shielding System.

If desired, three Angled Centers or three Standard Centers can be ordered and used as L/C/Rs. For example, when all three speakers will be in a wall unit above listener's heads, use three S-150ACs, oriented to point down.


The razor-sharp stereo imaging of the S-150THX is due in great part to its Phase-Focused crossover (in addition to its brand-new front-baffle foam treatments and cabinet design). M&K's Phase-Focused crossover combines three important elements of crossover design: Time Domain Analysis, Frequency Domain Analysis, and what we call Point-In-Space Analysis (a three dimensional analysis of the speaker's response in the room). While other crossover designs consider just frequency response on one axis, we consider its response at various angles in both the vertical and horizontal planes, optimizing its three-dimensional response. This uniquely sophisticated crossover is critically tuned through both psychoacoustic listening analysis and complex computer analysis giving you much more than just good on-axis response. You hear a very smooth response over a wide listening window (very important for home theater), and you also hear a more focused and coherent sound on axis!

For easy installation, integral mounts for M&K brackets or Omnimount brackets (four 1/4" - 20s) are on the S-150THX's back baffle.

Cabinet dimensions of the S-150THX are 12.5" H (S-150AC is 12.25" H) x 10.5" W x 12" D.
Weight is 24 lbs.

California Contractors State License Board. License # 837044

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